Safety Policy

Adjo Contracting Corp. considers the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the general public to be our top priority. We have consistently taken steps to increase safety awareness and to reduce the number of work place injuries. Our well-trained field personnel are equipped with the latest in construction technology and protective equipment to ensure that all employees remain safe when on a jobsite. Adjo continues to innovate and surpass industry standards by incorporating jobsite safety meetings as well as safety refresher courses into our operation. As an organization, we ensure that all required OSHA standards are not only met, but exceeded so employees can return home safely.

Environmental Policy

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that ensures the protection of the environment. Whether it’s the protection of wetlands and vegetative areas, selective clearing, preventing soil erosion and washouts, or obtaining all required DEC permits, our well-trained personnel are very sensitive to these areas. Adjo is committed to complying with all environmental regulations while continuing to innovate and engineer new solutions. With experience in brownfield, greyfield and greenfield development, we understand the various types and respective procedures of site development. As a responsible firm, we find that it is our duty to manage all emissions, discharges and waste generation without compromising service.